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Cards Against Downtime: A Party Game For People Like You!

Cards Against Humanity styles itself to be a party game for horrible humans. We at Paessler thought: Being horrible is mainstream. Being a sysadmin, on the other hand, includes enough sense of bad jokes to keep any party rolling. In the original game, the rules are easy told. Players fill the blanks of sentences with phrases like “Morgan Freeman's voice” or “exploding pigeons”. We wanted to keep those rules and adjust the sentences in view of our target group. But if you want to have fun with this, you don’t necessarily have to be a sysadmin. You just need to be interested in computers, the internet, cat GIFs, idiocy and adolescent antics in general. Since we’re all working continuously on the “uptime” mission, we thought “Cards Against Downtime” would be a proper title for this game. You don’t think so? Well, too late…

Geo Maps Currently Not Working in PRTG

We use Nokia Maps as the default map service provider for geographical maps in PRTG. However, Nokia Maps discontinued their map API access.

Monitoring a KEMP LoadMaster Using PRTG: A Detailed How To Guide

There are a lot of solutions to choose from that does load management and security for services, in this article we will be looking at Kemp Loadmaster.

Take Advantage of Reverse Proxies and Load Balancers for PRTG: How It Works

In the current environment, with its ever-growing threat of hackers, viruses, and all kinds of intruders, protecting your infrastructure is becoming more and more important. Many companies employ load balancers and security appliances to improve security and reliability of their customer-facing sites. 

PRTG Goes Cloud: Job Done! Check Out All Benefits

Test it yourself and experience nothing less than a new era of monitoring. A special thanks goes to all customers who participated in the beta testing. You’re aces in our book!

[Podcast] The Geek and The Sales Guy #5: The Whingebag Edition…

Average broadband speeds around the world and the perils of email are the two main topics for the 5th episode of The Geek and The Sales Guy.

Easter Eggs: Here’s Our List of Internet’s Best (Hidden) Gems And Distractions – Part 1

You know what they say: The internet is for GIFs and Memes. Well, that’s not wrong per se, but there’s also plenty of tedium. You’re sitting at Starbucks and wait minutes for that Wi-Fi connection to load a page; you’re juggling different passwords, or trying hard to find the perfect meme to describe your morbid mood. Luckily, the web offers plenty room for distraction and diversion. It’s full of awesome nuggets – thanks to developers who made it their mission to put both enjoyable distraction and curiosity back into our daily lives. And yes, we’re talking about Easter eggs!

Top 4 Questions To Ask Yourself While Creating a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

A network disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures designed to prepare your company or organization to respond to an interruption of network services during a natural or manmade incident. Network disaster recovery planning also provides clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for restoring network services and normal operations following an incident, an emergency, or a crisis. We at Paessler have a detailed recovery plan ourselves, stored in our Intranet and accessible to all employees (up to high management positions), who play a role if the occasion arises.

Faster, Prettier, and Better: Latest PRTG Preview Release with a New Interface

Caution, wet paint! We have reworked PRTG Network Monitor to give our network monitoring solution a fresh new look.

Microsoft Teams Monday: How To Use Hootsuite Integration

Hootsuite is a leading platform for managing social media. It can make connecting with customers faster, smarter and safe. And Hootsuite Integration let's you use your Social Media Management in Teams. We show you how it works.

Apple, Facebook, Tesla - They All Work on Their Secret Data Center Concepts

Last week we took a look at 5 bizarre yet fascinating data centers around the globe. Today we’ll try to figure out what 3 of the world’s most iconic (internet) companies think about new data centers, and how their own concepts appear (when they’ve yet to leave the concept stage).

The 5 Most Important Security Leaks to Check Your Network for Regularly

Want to make sure your network is safe all the time and that there is no undetected leak? Been there. Done that.

“The Imposter Syndrome” in IT

"There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question" ? Carl Sagan

Check Your Check Points With PRTG

Check Point Software has been in business since 1993, and they presently have a large coverage of IT security devices and services they offer for all business verticals. I’d like to discuss some of the key performance indicators on these devices, and how to go about adding them to your PRTG monitoring solution to assure their availability and performance. 

Who Else Can Remember Netscape? A Brief History of the Internet - Part 2

Hey guys, here we present to you The History of the Internet (Part 2), which is again intended to be brief, gripping and necessarily cursory. Today we start in the 1990s, with the invention of what became the basis for the World Wide Web - and, despite certain rumors, Al Gore wasn't really involved.