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[Podcast] Interview: The Future of the IT Channel – A Case of "Get Big or Get Niche"?

In the second instalment of our PRTG podcast interview slot, "Paessler Rupert's Thorough Grilling" - a slightly more serious offshoot of "The Geek and the Sales Guy" - we take a look at the future of the IT channel.

OH OH OH – Sysadmins and Christmas: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”  wrote French diarist Anais Ni. This doesn’t mean that bad things don't happen to you; it simply means that they occur in a random fashion as part of everyday life. In the same breath, however, your assumption is correct: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Know the Future Now: IT Trends 2018 - Part 1: IoT, Cloud, RESTful API

Of course, we at Paessler have our very own view of the IT business and what its trends are. As a vendor of an IT infrastructure monitoring solution, we focus on topics regarding the professional lives of IT systems administrators. But the world is changing, and many “things” which have not been part of IT in the past are becoming intelligent and are connecting to the internet – and the network.

Keyboard Rating: Nothing's More Individual Than Your Keyboard Preference

We at Paessler have a great team of all different personalities and interests. And for some of our coworkers, keyboards are more than just tedious working devices. They are ergonomic, nice to look at, have special technical features - and in the best case all combined. Of course we're not in the keyboard business and can't tell you with absolute certainty, which keyboards will satifsfy your needs. But these are the favorites of our team, categorized and analyzed (since we all love analyzing stuff).

We Wish You a Mappy Christmas!

Even the most stressed admins would like to have a bit of an Advent atmosphere, we thought, and that's why we arranged for a Christmas touch in PRTG Maps.

Stable Release PRTG Version 17.4.35: New Interface, New Functions

The paint has dried and we’re happy to officially announce that the new PRTG Version 17.4.35 has been released as stable.

Sending Out PRTG SMS Notifications

Your website is down, your virtual machines working at a snail’s pace, or your free disk space is critically low? With its instant notifications, PRTG allows you to react quickly to network problems. But keep in mind, if your internet connection goes down, email or push notifications won’t work. Having a reliable alternative in reserve is really reassuring! At this point, the good old SMS text message comes into play.

Why Are We Making Cities Smart?

Everything seems smart these days: smart phones, smart homes, smart watches and smart cities. It seems humans are devising more and more “Things” to think for us. Does that mean humans will become more stupid? Whatever your stance on this, the technological advancement behind it is recognizably impressive.

PRTG Sensor Contest: Our Second Winner Is...

We are very pleased to announce our second PRTG Sensor Contest winner: The Startup SM!GHT. As an EnBW startup, SM!GHT was founded at the company's innovation campus in July 2014, and has developed Germany's first smart streetlamps. We'll let these Smart City pioneers, whose products have now been installed in 12 countries, speak for themselves:

11 Things Sysadmins Love to Hear (Not!)

Everybody who ever worked for any company knows that communication between sysadmins and non-techies can sometimes be tricky. This is usually not due to the admin, but to misunderstandings in communication. Especially for new non-IT employees, a visit to the IT department can be a difficult one – and it would be wise to observe the local language and customs – just as they would on any visit into alien territory. 

PRTG & The Exchange Admin

Part 4 - Metrics That Matter: Memory Metrics for MS Exchange Here, in the fourth part of the series on how PRTG can help the Exchange Admin, we’re looking at more Metrics That Matter. This time concentrating memory specific counters – those concerned with memory allocation, consumption and paging.

Data Centers and The Cloud. Let’s Clear Up Some Questions.

We’ve already had a look at unusual data centers around the globe and also at data center concepts from big industry leaders like Apple and Tesla. Today we want to take a closer look at the differences between cloud solutions and data centers, because the distinctions and particular benefits aren’t always so clear.

How to Monitor Your VCSA 6.5 Using PRTG

If you’re using VMware and in particular VCSA 6.5, this will teach you how to monitor your VCSA 6.5 using SNMP and PRTG Network Monitor.

PRTG Network Monitor for “Long Jobs”: A DIY BBQ Sensor Project

Since PRTG is running at my house 24/7, the question is 'what else can be included in the monitoring system in addition to my IT equipment (Fritzbox, different routers, switches)’. No summer is complete without a decent BBQ, and, for that ‘proper’ grilling experience, I use my 57” Weber Kettle and, of course, a water smoker for the so-called “long jobs” (ribs, pulled pork, etc.). In my case, a Smokey Mountain 57” from Weber.

[Podcast] The Geek and The Sales Guy #6: The Birthday One

In the 6th instalment of The Geek and the Sales Guy, our two likely lads celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paessler AG by incorporating some questionable musical interludes - all fully licensed of course!