PRTG API (Application Programming Interface)

Major UI Improvements

Welcome to the all-new web interface of PRTG! We have tidied up PRTG and given it a cleaner look so you can find what you need more easily.

This PRTG version includes many improvements to the look and feel of the UI. For example, Add buttons in the device tree have been bundled into one central location for ease of use. Click to open the new Add menu. New Add Sensor Buttons in the Device Tree

Editing in Table Lists with Multi-Edit The Edit function in table lists now always works like the former Multi-Edit function. Select the object/s you want to edit and the menu appears to the right.

New Floating Save Button in Forms Forms now have a floating Save button in the bottom right corner. The button turns blue once you have made changes and you can save at any time.

New Show/Hide Filters Function Table lists now have separate filters that you can hide or show.

New Object Selector for Device Tree Object Submenus The submenus for device tree objects in the main menu bar have been removed and the respective pages now have a new object selector.

These are just a few of the improvements we have made.
For more information, please see the manual or our blog.